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As I have some problems with LiveJournal:

1) I can't post code here
2) I always forget to switch users :-)
3) Smth else. I don't remember now...

I decided to move my English speaking blog here:
Maybe somene will create a syndication account for it here in LJ or maybe not :-)

See you guys in my new blog! :-)


Maybe someone can invite me to the Newsvine? It'll be great :-)
Also some time ago I started to look at so called web2.0 projects.
Do you know what I think about the most of them?! – Well, you may find an old good idea, add tags - and you'll have a popular web2.0 project :-)
Example is - the idea is old like the universe. The same thing with many others (as well as Newsvine :-).


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I was amazed after I saw these two sets on Flickr (first, second).

After a number of projects I work on grew up to N, I started to forget why did I come to work today? :-)

So, to work on my projects and to hold all my notes. I use a special notebook with replaceable pages. I write notes for each project on new pages, after all things is done I delete this page. It is very useful.
Also I have a PocketPC with organizer there. I don’t like it it is hard to write smth. there.

Now I’m looking at NeoMem: “NeoMem allows you to store and organize all kinds of information in a cross between a word processor and database. The interface is similar to Windows Explorer, except that instead of dealing with files on a hard disk you deal with objects in a file.”

So, how do you hold your notes? How do you keep track of your projects?

Google + OpenOffice?

Just have read this interesting artlicle: Google, Sun Microsystems collaborate. Some suggestions about Google and OpenOffice are quite interesting :-)

But, anyway I don't think thet Google should compete with Microsoft in anything thet is not search or search-based service. Microsoft is very strong company and if Google will begin a "war" with them - it may just help Microsoft. Google is first of all a search engine.

Chinise web?

I am interested in popular Chinise web portals and search engines. I want to have a look at them.
Also in any interesting pages about Chinise history and present in English.

P.S I need links ;-)

Choosing AJAX class

Do you use Flickr? I'm sure if you have already give it a try - you must be in love with its interface. All those dynamically loaded layers and parts of pages, without actual reloading of whole page. They have made it using technology called AJAX.

At my work I have some ideas how to improve some of our web-services using AJAX models. But of course I can't write my own scripts it'll take to much time, so I want to use one of recently released PHP Classes.

I have found 3: xajax, najax and pajax. Pretty similar names ah? ;-) They all were released recently and have done last updates in the and of August - September, Their functionality is pretty similar. So it is really hard thing to chose what class to use.

I liked the way xajax done their short description-documentation with examples. But it's last version is only 0.1 beta4. It's psychologically hard to start developing on the basis of class with such version ;-)

I wonder maybe some of my friends can give me an advise??

Keyboard shortcuts

I've just looked through the latest RedHat Magazine. There are a very nice article by Rosanna Yuen about keyboard shortcuts - Keyboard shortcuts: Faster than the speed of mouse. Well everyone know about it, but usually you don't have enough time to read about it. I'm a pretty old linux user but it was interesting for me to play with some Gnome and Firefox shortcuts. Also there are description of Evolution and OpenOffice shortcuts. I recommend to all linux users just to look through this article, and I am sure you'll find something interesting there for you personally.


I don't know if you guys have such word as dacha. It is a kind of summer residence/cottage.
So today at my dacha we were gathering plums. This year we had a lot of them. I think it was hard to hold them all for plum-tree :-)